Happy Friday!

Chloe Blizzard 2013

I am so happy it is finally Friday! This has been a rough week with all of the kids home, and our schedule all out of whack. We have made the best of it but we are all ready to get back to normal. Throw in my anniversary and Valentine’s Day and I really need my schedule back. I have been totally off track all week and I can feel it.

I did not track these points!  :)

I did not track these points! :)

I have not really tracked my Weight Watchers points this week, or jumped on my elliptical. I can really feel the difference. I have so much less energy and feel all around yucky. I cannot do this again, and will be getting back on track completely on Tuesday. I have to make exercise and eating healthy a priority. Although I do eat some junk food and love my baked goods, I need to make sure I’m tracking it and I’m not going overboard. Oh sleep. I need to make sure I am also getting enough sleep. It is crazy how a blizzard and an unexpected week off of school and all activities can mess you up so much! But on a positive note, my house is kind of clean and I am caught up on work. So yay!

I am looking forward to a great weekend starting tonight with a trip to Foxwoods to see Eddie Izzard . So excited. We have seen him before and I swear I have never laughed so hard in my life. I need this kid free night out so much! Chelsea has her last college auditions this weekend and we will be heading to Boston for one of them. We are staying overnight and making it a quick family adventure. As much as we have tried to have fun with all these auditions, I will be happy when they are finally done and we can move on with the next steps.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Have any fun plans? I know a lot of my friends and neighbors are just thrilled to be able to leave the house this weekend!


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Making the best of the Blizzard of 2013



It is Tuesday and my kids are still home from school after the blizzard of 2013. There have been many fights between the kids and I have been ready to loose my mind on more than one occasion, but overall we are trying to make the best of it. Friday night the snow was pretty and we were actually looking forward to a good snow storm. Our Winter has been pretty mild so far, so the kids were thrilled. Well when we woke up on Saturday morning we were in shock. There was SO MUCH SNOW! There was so much snow that although the kids could go outside, they couldn’t walk or sled or anything. TOO MUCH! Our area had over three feet of snow. Crazy. Everything was closed and a lot is still closed. There are still streets in town that are not plowed. Most of the streets only had one small strip to drive down and were not safe at all. I have never seen anything like this.



2013 Blizzard

Luckily we were prepared to spend a few days in the house and I got into my obsessed baking mode. I started with apple crisp and on Sunday I made THIS carrot cake. A huge family favorite! I also made homemade lasagna and a pork roast and big breakfasts. Monday night was leftovers night and tonight is homemade fried chicken and fries. We eat very well in this house during weather emergencies! The kids have been out in the snow a bunch and are still trying to flatten some of it in the backyard to sled on our hill. Right now they just sink. Chloe had a blast sledding on the sidewalk in front of our house before it melted. (video below)

baking Blizzard 2013

All in all we have tried to have some fun while stuck in the house. I even attempted to get caught up on work and house stuff while all the kids activities were cancelled and we didn’t have to run around. Not very successful there, but hey I tried. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO looking forward to them going back to school and life getting back to normal. We all need to get back on our schedule. But at least we managed to have some fun. After all of this weather stuff I need a nap and a cocktail!

Were you in the path of the storm? How much did you get and how did you try to tackle the stuck in the house boredom?