I might just send out my cards this year

Last year I took the time to make some fun holiday cards. Picked out my favorite pictures from the year. Arranged them all perfectly in a collage and had them delivered to my house with plenty of time for mailing. It was Christmas miracle!


Oh wait! You have never seen this card? Huh? Maybe that is because I NEVER SENT IT OUT. I never ended up mailing out my cards. I can not even find the box of them at this moment. I really loved our card. I was really planning on sending them out. But I got super busy and ran out of time. I was exhausted and overwhelmed last year and dropped the ball on a lot of things I wanted to do. I had just started back to work full time and the adjustment was way harder than I thought it was going to be.

This year I am taking it slow and doing what I can. Trying to find the fun this holiday season. I am reminding myself that it is the memories that are important. Not the stuff. It’s the stories we tell around the table after a big dinner. It’s the memories each ornament brings while decorating the tree. The laughs that are had over a piece (or two) of pie.

I made our cards early again this year, and have every intention of mailing them out. But if I don’t get to it. It’s perfectly fine.

Have you had years like that? What are some of the changes you have made to make the holidays easier? Have you started any new traditions because of it?


For the last few years I have ordered our cards from Tiny Prints. I am a huge fan! I love their cards and have also ordered my business cards from them a few times and always love the quality and great customer service.

I was not compensated for this post. Just wanted to share my love of Tiny Prints!