Today was a good day. Lately I have been just trying to get through each day. Can’t wait for the day to be over. Counting the minutes until I can go to bed but then not able to fall asleep.

Trying to figure all my shit out all at once. Not being true to myself. Wanting everything to be everything I want it to be right this minute.

But I need to remind myself to stop and live and breathe. Enjoy this journey. The good and the bad. It makes us who we are. It is the stories my family will tell long after I am gone. I need to feel my life.

I am not going to figure it all out all at one. And in the end all that really matters are the small moments in my life.

Like today.

Cooking with Kevin.
Hanging out with Chloe.
Catching up on work I love.

Laughing with a friend for hours on the phone while watching and tweeting the Golden Globes and the Red Carpet interviews.

My many glamorous faces for the Golden Globes.

My many glamorous faces for the Golden Globes.

These are the moments that are important.

Cheers to starting a new week.


Random Sunday

I am sitting here listening to church on my computer with the smell of turkey bacon cooking coming from downstairs. We are staying home this morning. The kids are laying in bed watching Netflix. We needed this morning. We needed to slow down. Jake is marching with Scouts in our town parade this afternoon and then we are heading to a friends house to cook, relax and laugh.

We had a last minute plan change last night, we ended up meeting our friends and their kids at a local mini golf place. We were hoping to beat the rain that we knew was headed our way, but of course it started raining as soon as we got there. Luckily the kids could have cared less, and they played in the rain and had a blast.

It’s the little things in life. That is what makes a life. I just need to remind myself to stop and pay attention to them.

Last minute wings and mini golf!

Last minute wings and mini golf!


Happy New Year. :)


Happy New year!

2013 has been a strange but amazing year. I started the year thinking I knew the exact direction I was going, and ended up in a place I never expected. Although I didn’t set out to end up where I am, I am exactly where I should be. Funny how that happens sometimes.

This past year was full of adventure and I hope the same for 2014. When I sit and look at everything we have done I can’t help but laugh. So many awesome memories. One of the things we are going to do more of is local adventures. Last year we traveled a lot and even though we are heading to Disney and camping in Maine this year, we are looking forward to exploring more locally. Some of our best trips and most fun memories are from day trips we took around the state.

Balancing a full time job, family, and blogging is going to be a big challenge this year. A challenge I will be sharing with you along the way. I know I will also need some advice and will be turning to all of you for some tips and tricks. I have had a bit of a rough time getting used to the new schedule. I’m finally feeling back to normal and seem to have somewhat of a routine down. So far so good!

We had a great Christmas and a fun New Years Eve at Coco Keys Water park in Waterbury. (Post to come soon) I hope you all had a great holiday and had the Happiest of New Years. Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for all of us!

What are some things you are looking forward to or are planning to do in 2014?

It was so fun looking back at the year with this slide show!

Cheryl Budge’s Slidely by Slidely Slideshow


Fall, Football and Finding my center

UCONN game

It finally feels like Fall around here. Yesterday was a day filled with Football, marching bands and warm comfy sweatshirts. What a long day. Although I was exhausted at the end of the night, I loved every minute of it. I am really trying to soak in each moment that I can have fun and spend time with my family. Do I love College Football? Nope. Not at all. But I have a family that does, so that makes it important to me.

Chloe Cheer

We had a crazy busy Summer. I think I have just recovered from it. As I have been saying for a while, I am on a mission to have fun with my family. To have fun in the everyday of life. I want to look at the day in a whole new way. Find the happy. Look for the joy. This Summer was full of happy and overflowed with joy. We sent Chelsea off to college for her new life adventure, we experienced the incredible Boardwalk in Atlantic City and spent a week camping in Maine with family.

Our Summer ended with an amazing train trip to Florida for Mom It Forward’s Family Forward Retreat. You read that right. We took a train. Get ready to hear about some of these fun experiences, and what we learned along the way this Summer. I am finally back to my regular schedule, and the kids are all settled in to their schedules. I’m still a little overwhelmed with all of the lunch making and school paperwork, but I’m getting there.

For me, Fall is a time to breathe. A time to really stop and take a deep breath. Set new goals. Am I the only one who does this in the Fall? I kind of think of Fall and the beginning of the new school year as my New Year. The new schedule we start in September is a great reminder to me to set priorities and and settle in to home life for a while. Vacations and not being scheduled is awesome, but I can only handle that for the Summer. Once Summer is over I am SO ready to get back on track. The kids are too.

So tell me, do you think of the Fall as your New Year too?

I hope you all had a great weekend and you have a fantastic week ahead!


Weekend Wrap-Up!

Howdy! Right now I am typing this with a numb mouth. I had a dentist appointment this afternoon to finish up some stuff I needed done. Let me tell you something. My dentist’s office rocks. Seriously. If you are looking for a new dentist in CT, check out Advanced Dental in Berlin. They are fantastic! Love them!

So anyway,enough about my teeth! Our weekend started with Chelsea’s senior prom on Friday night. She looked so beautiful! I was a little emotional, but way better than I thought I would be. She had a blast and is now counting down the days until graduation.

chelsea prom

Saturday was FREEZING. Crazy Memorial Day weekend weather. It was super windy and rainy. We always have a camp out this weekend, and we had to cancel. Everyone was so bummed. Now I need to find another free weekend to reschedule it. So annoying! We did end up having friends over for dinner and I made one of our family favorites, Chicken Spaghetti from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. We had a great night. Chloe had a friend sleep over and Saturday night turned out fun even though we had a change of plans.

Sunday and Monday were all about Parades and family time. The weather was still kinda yucky on Sunday so we just hung out in the house after the Westfield parade. Jake and his Scout troop decorated the veteran’s graves in the Westfield Cemetery on Sunday morning. It was such a nice day. Monday was the Middletown parade on Main Street. It is my mother’s favorite day of the year! She is the most patriotic person we know and we love it!

Memorial day

It was a fantastic weekend full of friends, family and lots of food. I hope you had a great weekend! Did you go anything fun or just hang out at home?

In case you are wondering where I have been, (okay, come on, humor me)
you can check out some stuff over at Middlesex County Parent.

Grand opening of Whole Foods Market in Danbury CT!

Chelsea and I had a fun Girls night in with Sally Hansen!