And then she went on a new adventure.

NYC has a new resident. My Chelsea has been in the city for college for about two weeks now. She was lucky enough to have to opportunity to go in early and learn how to navigate the city, public transportation, and take a couple of classes. She is the happiest person right now. I am so proud of her.

Lunch! Right after we moved Chelsea into her dorm.  It was fabulous!

Lunch! Right after we moved Chelsea into her dorm. It was fabulous!

I have always told my kids that they can be anything they want to be. Dream big.

I was kind of kicking myself for a minute about that. When Chelsea said she really wanted to be in NYC I knew it was the right thing for her. I knew it was in her heart and it was her dream. She has worked on this dream for years. To study theater in NYC. That was her big dream. I had to support it. Even though for a minute I really wanted to say no.

Unpacking in her dorm!

Unpacking in her dorm!

I am doing a lot better than I thought I would. I love getting texts from Chelsea showing me her view at the moment, how amazing Pippin was, and calls where I can her the confidence in her voice. She is learning the city and learning about herself.

I am so honored to be her Mom. I am really looking forward to this crazy, exciting first year of college. I love watching her turn into the strong person I know she is.

This was right before we said goodbye.  I didn't cry THAT much.  ;)

This was right before we said goodbye. I didn’t cry THAT much. ;)


And then she grew up.

Graduation banner

I blinked and it was here. Chelsea graduated from high school this week. Even though we have been getting ready for it all year, I was not ready. I tried to fake it the best I could, but I cried like a baby anytime anyone has brought it up over the last few weeks.

Chelsea was a preemie. I was told she was not going to live when my water broke. I was told that if she did make it, she would have severe heart and lung problems, and would have developmental delays.

She had none of those problems. Her little four pound self just had a bit of jaundice. She only had to stay in the hospital for one week and then she was all ours.

My miracle girl. My Chelsea Rose.


Chelsea has been proving people wrong and amazing me ever since. We are all so proud of the smart, strong willed woman she has become.


Even though NYC seems so far away, I know I am just a quick train ride away if she needs me.

Or if I need her.